The Yesterday Skin (And More Pink Hair)

Hey Mishka

Get ittttt. Another take on pink hair in The Yesterday Skin by Eileen Chan. Love this serene post-modern moment of style. The model is Gidre V and the shoot is an ad campaign is for the latest run of the line, which is comprised of reformed vintage pieces. The line emphasizes a lack of perfection and the rebirth of “forgotten” garments/accessories.



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Americans in Paris, Fall 2010

by Maggie Burch

Having begun with the end of World War I and having ended with what would become a worldwide financial crisis, the 1920s were a time of significant social and economic change. As a result of World War I and the worldwide women’s suffrage movement taking place, women became much more active in society, such as participating and volunteering in the war effort. The war also had an effect on men’s fashion, delaying changes in style that would eventually take place in the next decade. Paris was no exception to these social changes, and while remaining the fashion capital of the world for fine women’s clothing, it propelled women’s fashion from modest and impractical to modern, sensible, and unconventional.

At the end of World War I, men came back world-weary desiring to create a society more democratic and egalitarian in France.  With this egalitarian society came a greater…

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